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  • Vasko Janeski brings years of experience in real estate, excellent customer service and a commitment to work hard, listen and follow through. He provides quality service to build relationships with clients and more importantly, maintain those relationships by communicating effectively. He knows how to maximize positive outcomes for all of the parties involved in the transaction.

    Vasko consults with many real estate professionals, attorneys, architects, surveyors, financial institutions, investors and contractors to verify design studies, plans and cost estimates; this experience makes him effective in studying and evaluating real estate property and remodeling projects for residential use. His experience includes developing market studies with local planning organizations to ensure finding the best use for a properties. He collaborates with local investors and contractors to implemented sustainable building practices in development projects.

    Vasko works with residential property owners as well as builders and developers and has 3 Promises for his clients:

    He will be on time.
    He will be brutally honest.
    He will do what he says he is going to do for you.
    There are 3 Things he does with and for his clients:

    Consult with you…He will make sure you make a good decision at every step in the process.
    Negotiate for you…This means he will treat your money likes it’s his money.
    Handle all the Details for you…This means he will ensure the hundreds of steps in the real estate process are handled properly for you.
    Bottom Line, he is going to get the job done properly for you and not let you down!

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