How It Works

How It Works

It’s simple, really. The last 3 generations of smart phones came with Near Field Communication (NFC) built into the devices. That means that their is the ability to transfer data by placing it in close proximity to a smart phone — with a tap. 

Hello Smart Cards use NFC to share your contact information when it is tapped against an NFC compatible smartphone that is active. Android and iPhones receive a push notification that links them to your Hello Smart profile where they can select ‘Add to Contacts’ to download a vCard and save directly to their Contacts. 

If you decide to add a QR Code to your Hello Smart Card then you can share your contact information to anybody by having them view it thru their smartphone camera. QR Codes make your Hello Smart Card compatible with smartphones that do not have NFC capabilities. 

How To Videos

How To Use Your Hello Smart Card

Having trouble sharing with Android?

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