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Hello Smart Cards are a smarter way to say hello with your id and business cards. Our smart cards allow you to share your contact information with just a tap on the back of a compatible iOS or Android smartphone. They are completely reusable and sanitizable, making it a safer, greener choice to paper business cards. Hello Smart Cards can go even further by being custom branded for your business. 

It's simple and life changing

In a world ruled by mobile devices, the business card has begun to fall by the wayside. A paper business card is given with no guarantees of being saved. After being provided, it is up to fate whether your contact information will be saved or if that piece of paper will be lost before serving its one purpose. Hello Smart Cards remove the risk of a lost business card being the weak link in connecting you to those that need your business.

Share with Everyone

Hello Smart Cards can be shared with any compatible smartphone instantly using Near Field Communication (NFC). Your contact information can be saved to their phone with just a tap.

Go Green

Yes, ordering business cards from recycled paper is always an option, but so is not having to order so many paper business cards that could be thrown away.

Hello Smart Cards are Reusable!

Be Ahead of the Game

We didn’t invent the smart business card, but we perfected it for you and your business.

Better Together: NFC and QR

Hello Smart Cards have an add-on option for a QR code making it possible to share your contact information to those with smartphones without NFC. 


What People Are Saying

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Hello Smart Cards are not only an amazing opportunity to be at the top of the tech game, but also a great way to set yourself apart to potential clients!
Seth Howk
Hello Smart Cards has been a great addition to my business and is an asset with changing technology.
Hello Smart Cards were just what I needed as my business shifts with the 'new normal' and being able to add a contact-less option.

Your Card.
Your Brand.

Add-on Features


$ 45

Hello Smart Cards are more than just smart business cards. You can customize it with our add-on options. 

Share With Anyone

Hello Smart Cards can share your information with non-NFC phones by adding a QR Code.

Replacement Coverage

Hello Smart Cards have an addon for Replacement Coverage in case of loss, damage, or simply if you changed your phone number.

Custom Design

Hello Smart Cards can be customized by choosing from various designs or working with our marketing team.

Looking for something special?

We offer custom options by working with our marketing team to design your Hello Smart Card.
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