Tera Lisicky

  • Tera Lisicky

  • Zach Taylor Real Estate

  • Tera Lisicky is a local real estate agent with Zach Taylor Real Estate based out of Middle Tennessee. 

    Tera, along with her husband, 2 sons, and dog moved to Tennessee from southern California in early 2021. Since falling in love with Tennessee, she has helped other families relocating to Tennessee navigate the process. 

    Tera specializes in helping families in the music industry, those looking to relocate, and families with special needs. As a seasoned educator, she is always eager to provide resources on educational choices and waivers in Tennessee. 

    Tera has a deep and abiding concern for others; investing energy into figuring out what makes a person unique and special. Along with being helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable during the home-buying and home-selling experience, Tera approaches real estate holistically by actively listening to and advocating for her client’s needs, goals, values, and concerns.

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