Legacy Red Card
with QR Code


This is your Legacy Red Card with your contact information available to share by tapping on compatible iOS and Android phones.

  • Unique App Code *

    We need your Unique App Code to add a QR Code to your Legacy Red Card. Don't know your code? The easiest way to find your code is to open your branded app and share it by text message. Your Unique App Code is in the text message. It can be a mix of numbers and letters.


The Legacy Red Card has many options with a QR Code for backwards compatibility or for sharing branded consumer apps, as well as 7 different variations for the front of the card. Members who purchase the Legacy Red Card will also have their Contact Profile display in the Legacy Red theme.

Additional information

Legacy Front

Basic Red, Business Matters, Gary, Guinea Pig, KW No. 1, Labs, Onward

Legacy Back

Basic Red, Business Matters, Onward, Gary, Labs, KW No. 1, Guinea Pig, App QR Code, Contact QR Code


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