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  • Hi, my name is Christine Staten, your home expert. If you are reading my bio, you are in the right place. Let me tell you a little bit about me. I was raised in Louisville KY in a single parent home. I am the oldest and the only girl of 3 siblings. I had to take care of my brothers while my mother worked. I joined the Army after high school where I served during the Desert Storm era. After my military service, I received a Bachelor’s in Business and worked in customer service/sales at AT@T. I did well in this field because it meant helping others achieve their goals with their phone service. This was rewarding because I know how to connect with consumers for their goal satisfaction. But I needed to connect with people on a deeper level, so I joined the healthcare field and became a registered nurse. As you can see after reading this bio, and being a nurse for 12 years, I am now a seasoned adult who loves helping others. Therefore, in my final career change, I joined Keller Williams. Between the enhanced education they provide and the reputation of being the top Real Estate Agency in the WORLD, as stated above, with Keller and I on your side, you ARE in the right place.

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