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  • Bailey Killian has reshaped the way KW Coastal Bend approaches Technology during his service as the Director of Agent Services. He joined Keller Williams 3 weeks before Hurricane Harvey hit and devastated the Coastal Bend. His loyalty and devotion to KW came from experiencing the way KW Leadership responded to be present and provide resources for its people. While his home was safe, his Aunt and Uncle suffered damages to their Rockport home. Keller Williams provided supplies for his family and his cousin was featured in the KW "Rockport Strong" video (

    He is grateful to be a part of a company that cares and encourages everyone. Before joining Keller Williams, he worked in higher education administration. He leveraged currently enrolled students to be the brand ambassadors for the university to increased enrollment in collaboration with the system CRM for targeted campaign outreach hitting multiple mediums of communication: letter, email, phone, in-person, social media, and special events. Additionally, he was actively involved with sponsoring student organizations to support leadership growth opportunities as well as diversity inclusion education. Coming from his background in education, Bailey believes that technology is for everyone regardless of age; they only need the training. When someone tells him they are too old for technology he enjoys sharing with them that the person who started teaching him about computers and system processes was his Grandfather: a retired Navy Supply Chief who taught himself to use computers AFTER he retired. Bailey's Grandfather began teaches classes on using computers early into their mainstream availability. He knew that computer technology would be important for generations so he taught Bailey while repairing computers he bought at auctions then donating the refurbished systems to local schools. Because of his influence, Bailey knows that the only barriers to using technology is the education and time it takes to become familiar. Bailey graduated from Texas A&M University-Kingsville with a Bachelors of Arts in English and minored in Business Administration and Philosophy. He continued his education and graduated with a Masters of Science in English specializing in gender issues. While pursuing a Doctorate of Education, he saw a pattern of change in higher education that ultimately lead to him choosing to shift to the private sector. He started Killian Consulting to offer bespoke services to businesses that were in need of process and technology support to prevent roadblocks to their business growth. It was during this time that he was recruited to Keller Williams Coastal Bend. He spends most of his time with his wife, Jeanette, and their two dog children, Lily and Pippa. Any extra time is given to his little brother who worships him far more than he deserves.

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