Naomi Hughes

  • Naomi Hughes

  • Naomi Hughes grew up around the coastal bend, making her knowledge of the area superb. The thing she likes to do around the area the most is join in on all of the family friendly activities that the community offers. There is almost always something that can spark your interest. If there's no events going on, you can find her with her family at the beach, or the pool in her free time. Before engaging in Real Estate, she would stay home with her three children decluttering the rooms, going to sporting events, and catering to needs of others. Once she has a task in mind she makes sure to get it done with the best care and knowledge. She plans on going far with her career, putting her kids through college and making sure they enjoy every part of life. Memories are important to Naomi, and you making new memories with your new home is what drives her to be the right fit for you.

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